• What is Motive Pure?

    Motive Pure is a liquid concentrate electrolyte hydration solution. It provides the necessary nutrients to help your body absorb and retain water. Plain water does not have a functional amount of electrolytes.

  • How do I use Motive Pure?

    Motive Pure mixes easily with 16-20 oz. of cold water to create a lightly-flavored drink that provides the balance of electrolytes and water to maintain proper hydration. 

  • Why should I drink Motive Pure?

    The proper balance of water and electrolytes is essential for complete hydration of the body. Drink Motive Pure to feel better mentally and physically - during as well as after workouts; for cramping; when traveling; to help prevent and remedy a hangover; while pregnant or breastfeeding; when you're sick; for children as well as seniors.

  • Where is Motive Pure made?

    Motive Pure is made in the USA.

  • How is Motive Pure sweetened?

    Motive Pure has zero calories and zero sugar and is sweetened naturally with Stevia.

  • What are the ingredients in Motive Pure?

    Water, Citric Acid, Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium), Sodium Citrate, Natural Fruit Flavor, Reb A (Natural Stevia Leaf) and Potassium Benzoate.

  • Is Motive Pure gluten free?


  • Where can I buy Motive Pure?

    Motive Pure is available for sale on our online store. Our Subscribe & Save option offers a 20% discount. Motive Pure is also available at Amazon

  • How should I store Motive Pure once it has been opened?

    We recommend storing Motive Pure in the refrigerator once the seal has been opened.